Baby Blogger

Baby Blogger

I have always loved writing.

I have always wanted to begin a blog. I mean, that’s what all “writers” do, right? Sit around and blog about their beautifully spontaneous life. But I have never made one.

Until now.

I think I pushed making one in fear that I would write one post and then I would forget to follow-up with another post. It wouldn’t be the first time…

Except, as I mentioned earlier, this is a passion of mine. One that I have always admired through my years of school and childhood. There is something so exciting about the idea of creating something with my own words and thoughts in the comfort of my crazy brain.

So the idea of maintaining a blog shouldn’t be viewed as a task that I will quickly forget about, but


I should look at it as an outlet for something I get to do.

It’s an opportunity for creative freedom and endless inspirations.

I think the most important thing to reach this state of perspective is to eliminate some “non-passions” that clutter my life. How is it that unnecessary things that selfishly eat up my precious time become my go-to time-filler?


It seems so logical that the time we have been given should be filled with our passions and the things that make us come alive. Yet, I often find my mind, time, and energy pouring into silly “life-wasters” that truly have no real purpose.

I am alive for a reason.

I know one of those reasons is to worship my Father.
I know one of those reasons is to impact the world.
I know one of those reasons is to speak out.

And I know I can do all of those things by pursuing another reason I’m alive: writing.

So, no. I have never done something like a blog but I want to.
I am.
I will.

I have been inspired this past week to take my writing more seriously because I think there are many treasures hidden within this part of my life that will be discovered if they are searched for.

I really don’t know how I am going to go about this. All I know is I created it, I am typing and I am finding joy in every keystroke.

And I have come to learn that when something gives you joy you should chase after it with everything you have because there is only deeper joy that will be discovered.

So, welcome to Curly Hair & Cheerful Heart! Stay as long as you’d like.


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