Kid At Heart

Kid At Heart

I am 17-years-old and I still go to a pediatric dentist.

Surprisingly, I know I’m not the only one my age who still goes to a pediatric dentist.

But that is beside the point. I am still an (almost) grown woman sitting in a waiting room next to toddlers. While this fact is a little embarrassing, I had one of the best experiences there this past week.

I repeat. I had one of the best experiences at the dentist. I believe that this is the first time that statement has ever been uttered…

My appointment was on October 30th.

My little sister, who is 16, (HA! You totally thought she was going to be appropriately aged to make this whole “pediatric” thing less weird. Nope.)

Anyways. October 30th.

Now, as an (almost) adult, my brain was totally not thinking about anything other than how we were going to be late and how my day was not going well at all and how school is stressing me out and how I need to fill up my gas tank and how I need to finish my homework I procrastinated and ALL of the other “almost adult” things that consume my daily thoughts.

So we walk into the doors and are greeted by the front desk lady who appears to be dressed like some sort of bizarre geisha?

“Oh! It’s October 30th. Halloween is tomorrow. Remember?”

This thought was muffled by the overwhelming shouts of life. Tomorrow is Halloween and she is dressed up. At first, I didn’t think much of it.

I sat down and began cramming my homework that was due within the next hour upon my return to the wonderful world of highschool.

Suddenly, a blonde little girl in a sparkling princess costume came running out of the back room to her daddy. She was carrying a balloon.

“She’s a little girl. Little girls practically LIVE in princess costumes…”

Logically, I made sense of this tiny burst of joy in a place you would expect to be joyless. I mean…I was the one in the pediatric dentist. Should I really be surprised by a toddler in a costume?

“Rachel!”, I heard my dentist yell from the door that lead to where all the dental magic happens.

I was still cramming and writing, trying to somehow finish up my overdue mountain of homework. Why couldn’t she have come a few minutes later? I’ll just finish this last sentence and…

“You can come whenever you’re ready. We’ll be in the back.”

With my head still buried in the colossal pile of homework, I nodded. Didn’t even look up.

I finished writing my sentence and then stood up.

My dentist and sister were already halfway towards the door so I jogged to catch up with them.

As we entered the “Lair of Shiny Teeth”, I saw Obi Wan Kenobi walk by.

Yes. Obi Wan.

Well, not THE Obi Wan. It was one of the dentist’s dressed up like him…but still.

I then turned around to my dentist and realized she was dressed as Luke Skywalker.

“OH! It’s October 30th! Halloween is TOMORROW! Remember???”

And this time, I heard my brain. This time, I realized I was surrounded by Star Wars characters in a dentist office.

I began to smile a big, giddy smile.

“Best. Day. Ever.”

I then proceeded to name each character that the dentist’s were dressed up as, much to their surprise. (Seventeen year old girl, remember?)

And then a thought I had pushed aside resurfaced. The lady at the front desk was not dressed as some “bizarre geisha”, she was dressed as the one and only Padmé Amidala.

I had my teeth worked on by Han Solo, Darth Maul and Yoda while I simultaneously had a light saber fight against Darth Vader. I won.

It was the most out of this world (pun intended!) dentist visit I had ever had.

Even amidst such a mundane job, these grown adults were getting into the spirit of Halloween more than most kids. It was honestly refreshing to witness.

Did I mention they had a balloon animal maker and face painter on stand-by? Just sitting in the midst of all of the dentists, waiting to spread some more joy.

You have to understand, this hadn’t been my day. Actually, this hadn’t been my week or even my month. It’s been a tough year for me.

I walked into that dentist office with a lot of craziness on my mind. Past craziness, present craziness and (most definitely!) future craziness.

So you can bet the last place I was expecting to brighten up my gloomy day was at my routine pediatric dentist visit on October 30th.

But God works in mysterious ways, He can turn something less than average into something heart-warming and beautiful- like having a bunch of Star Wars characters clean my teeth.

I walked out of that place with an unforgettable memory of a randomly awesome experience. (I also walked out of there as Wonder Woman, thanks to that face-painter.)

I guess it’s true when they say that happiness is everywhere, even though


you have to look a little harder for it.



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