Right Place, Right Time

Right Place, Right Time

Have you ever been so buried within yourself that it takes witnessing a truly great random act of kindness to bring you back to your senses?

That was me this morning.

I was running late. My car was almost past the E. I had to reluctantly skip breakfast. My hair wasn’t dry…

Nothing was going my way. It was definitely a Monday morning.

I sat at the red light. One foot clamped down on the brake, the other hovering over the gas pedal. All I could think about was the next light, the next turn, the next moment.

“What if I am late?”

“Will being on time ever become a part of my routine?”

“Why can’t I get it together?”

My mind was racing.

I cranked my music up a little louder, as if that would help drown out my nerve-racking circumstances.

“C’mon! I don’t have all day. Turn green already!”

And then, one of the most heart-warming moments took place before my eyes in the middle of a crazy intersection.

I had been so busy focusing on the winding road ahead that I hadn’t noticed what was happening in the lane beside me.

There was a young teenage boy attempting to push a large caravan vehicle out of the left turn lane, into the middle of the intersection and into a nearby parking lot.

The van had stalled and he knew this tiny sliver of time the red light had given him was his only chance to rid the intersection of the vehicle.

This small, young boy was pushing this van full of his mother and siblings by himself with barely any progress.

He was almost in the center of the intersection by now. The light was about to turn green at any moment.

Suddenly, another set of hands joined the boy’s.

The man in the car behind him had jumped out and began to push the big piece of metal alongside the kid.

It was as if he had just appeared out of thin air.

The light turned green.

I drove away, trying to soak up every ounce of the moment I had just witnessed.

I couldn’t stop smiling. There were tears forming in my eyes.


I looked at the drivers of the speedy cars surrounding me, all of them seemed very focused on the road. None seemed to have been phased by what they just saw.

Or maybe I’m the only one who really saw it.

That man could have been that boy’s Angel, maybe my eyes were opened for those few seconds to another world.

The World not of this world.

Maybe this Angel had been there the whole time, I just didn’t see him at first.

It sounds crazy.

But it also makes complete sense.

Whether he was human or Guardian, he was an angel no doubt.

I didn’t see a stalled car being forced out of the way for the convenience of the other cars on the road.

It was so much more.

It was a split-second demonstration of pure selflessness, a truly rare occurrence.

That boy didn’t have to get out and singlehandedly tow his family’s van by himself. But he did.

That man didn’t have to turn on his hazards, jump out of the car and help that young boy. But he did.

I didn’t have to take that specific route I did to get back to school. But I did.

It’s amazing how so many variables fell apart so this one moment could fall together.

I was aggravated at that red light. It was taking forever. I had places to be.

But while I viewed it as my time-consuming foe, that young boy saw it as his sweet friend.

In that moment, I realized how minuscule the power of my foes are in comparison to my many, many friends.

The world is chalk-full of crazy, beautiful moments.

Moments that often go unnoticed or unappreciated.

But sometimes, sometimes we are given the gift of being at the right place at the right time and we get to witness one of those crazy, beautiful moments.

And it is in those moments that

Smiles are formed.

Faith is restored.


Lives are shaped.

All because someone decided to follow the pattern of their heart instead of the pattern of this world.

Today, in the middle of an intersection, I was lucky enough to watch that decision unfold into something simply divine.

Suddenly all I could think about was the goodness in others, not the unfortunate circumstances of my lethargic Monday.

Sometimes all it takes to change the course of an entire day is one person sacrificing a couple of seconds of their life to help another life.

That’s exactly what happened to me and I can’t wait until it happens to you.


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