A Year Full of Light

A Year Full of Light

Dear 2015,

Well, you’re four months old now! How wonderful you’ve been so far. I know that you aren’t feeling as celebrated as you were at the beginning of your life in January…but hopefully you know how thankful we all are for the fresh start you brought us this year. Also, we are forced to acknowledge you for a couple of seconds when writing down the date or glancing at a calendar. We haven’t become completely desensitized to you yet…

You are a very special year to me. You are the year of many wonderful things that have already happened in my life. You are also the year of many beautiful beginnings in my life. You see, 2014 was quite a difficult year for me. It wasn’t because anything horribly tragic happened to me or a loved one (thank the Lord!), it was more because lots of difficult moments happened in my life that made it hard for me to see the light. I believe there is light surrounding me- surrounding all of us- at all times. Except, during the past year, the dark moments clouded my vision and made it extremely hard for me to see at times. The worst part is that I wasn’t even aware of it. The only thing I am certain of is that God was with me through it all, even when I couldn’t see Him. He never left my side, he was the reason that 2014 was bearable. It was hard but I was not alone. And for that, I am grateful. 

But 2015, you’re different. When January 1st rolled around a couple of months ago, I had this hope I’ve never had on New Years Day before. I had a newfound excitement for life, something I had lost at some point in 2014. I decided to change the unhealthy parts of my life for the better when you came into my life and because of that you have been an amazing year so far. I have been living a much more healthy lifestyle and have experienced a renewal of my passions. You have been the exact opposite of last year- you are a year full of LIGHT! 

You are the year when my best friend became a Christian- something I have been praying for since I met her six years ago. 

You are the year when I have worked out and eaten healthy every day, making me feel absolutely beautiful inside AND out. 

You are the year that I made new friends who make me laugh so hard I cry & who show me what friendship looks like. 

You are the year that I will graduate high school. 

You are the year that I will become an adult. 

You are a beautiful,




I am so excited to grow with you throughout these next few months, it’s going to be a LEGEN (wait-for-it) DARY year.

Bring on the light! 


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