Where Feet May Fail

Where Feet May Fail

Earlier this summer my family & I took a very much-needed vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama. God was completely evident in every moment & it was (without a doubt!) one amazing week full of rest, joy & pure bliss! Here are some thoughts God stirred up in my heart while I was at the beach & has continued to stir within me throughout the summer.


Thinking about the ocean’s constant, crashing waves 

which bring hundreds of thousands of uniquely designed seashells 

onto a shore made up of millions & millions of individual pieces of sand 

takes my breath away. 

I believe God gave us the ocean to show us a glimpse of His awesome power & vast love. It’s mind-blowing how intricate & precise each detail of His creations are. We serve an awesome God who makes beautiful things. 


As a tiny human, standing in the ocean makes me feel unbelievably small. I’m convinced it’s one of the most humbling feelings in the world and, because of it, I believe there is beauty in feeling insignificant. When we get lost in Him we forget to worry about ourselves and, for a moment, truly experience His overwhelming & powerful presence.

Trying to comprehend the ocean’s power & vastness stirs up true wonder deep within my core. I can’t help but believe in Him with every ounce of my being when I look at the seemingly never-ending ocean water & sandy shore. It’s so crazy cool that God would take the time to design such a beautiful masterpiece on this Earth just so we could be reminded of His awesomeness & have our wonder for Him revived. He captivates us by His ability to bring Heaven to Earth through His creation.


Experiencing His creation causes a tidal wave of awe, faith & absolute bliss. His love for us goes beyond human comprehension- it is vast & big & strong. Words can’t describe how thankful I am to be in the arms of a Father whose love for me goes deeper than the ocean.

I am small. 

He is mighty. 

I am sand. 

He is the sea.


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