A Story of God’s Faithfulness

A Story of God’s Faithfulness

I wrote this post two months ago at the very beginning of the year a few days before my spring semester when this “Only God” story was fresh in my mind and heart. I wrote it and I thought, “I’ll post it tomorrow.” And then tomorrow came and life got in the way and now here I am a couple of days before Spring Break starts, finally posting it because it’s the first time I’ve really had time to breathe. Even though this story isn’t being told when I wanted to tell it, I believe God’s timing is better than mine and His stories are always worth being written about and heard. Also, even though this was at the start of the year it feels like it was forever ago and I know I need a refresher right now on how faithful God truly is.

On January 13, 2016 I wrote a really important journal entry to God. I wrote out of faith to my Father who had just whispered a sweet and crazy promise to me. He told me, “I can do it.” It was one of those statements that you know in your heart is true, but your head just can’t seem to wrap around it.

The promise He made me was that He would take my family to Georgia, reunite us with our family there and then take me to Passion 2017 in Atlanta.

To understand how big of a deal this was for me to hear I have to go back a few years…

When I was a little girl I remember watching videos of the first Passion conferences that were held out in the middle of a huge field with hundreds of college students praising God’s name at the foot of a cross. I can remember listening to Chris Tomlin and David Crowder’s music and hearing Louie Giglio’s sermons, the man who created the Passion conferences and Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia. And ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be in college so I could go experience all of this awesomeness for myself.

Now, fast forward to about five years ago to the last time I was in Georgia visiting my dad’s side of the family. Again, ever since I can remember my family and I would all get into a car and travel hundreds of miles to see our family in Georgia- it was just something we did. But five years ago we had a falling out with our family there and decided we wouldn’t go back again.

And we didn’t. It was difficult for me because I just love being around family, even though sometimes they are the ones who hurt us more than anyone else. I mourned the loss of not getting to see these family members again. I prayed against the bitterness that gnawed away at my heart and hoped that God would somehow make at least one more visit happen one day- even if it was through my own doing.

So, now fast forward to November of 2015- I was finally 18 and in college, which meant that I could go to Passion for the first time! They were having the conference in three locations, two in Georgia and one in my home state of Texas. I remember the excitement of buying my ticket to Passion 2016 in Houston and being so ready to experience it for the first time. I had no idea how I would get there or who I would go with, I just knew it’s where I wanted to spend my first few days of 2016.

I began to ask friends who I thought would want to go with me, but unfortunately no one else shared in my passion for Passion. I searched for a college group to go with for a solid two months with no luck. I began to get discouraged and realized that maybe God didn’t want me to go this year, even though every part of me wanted the opposite.

So, I sold my ticket and trusted that God had a better plan than I did for myself. I felt Him tell me that it would be next year, 2017, when I would get to go. I also remember having a really hard time being okay with what He said- there were definitely tears- even though I knew it was part of His plan.

Then, they announced where Passion 2017 would be: Atlanta, Georgia. It would happen only in the place where it’s traditionally held, in The Georgia Dome, to celebrate the 20th Anniversary under one roof. I suddenly felt discouraged again and thought, “How am I going to get to Atlanta next year if I couldn’t even get to Houston this year?”I wasn’t sure how, but I knew that if God wanted me to get there He would make it happen.

The next day, we got a letter in the mail from my Great Aunt Donna in Georgia. She wrote about how she was praying for our family to heal the wounds that have kept us from our loved ones in Georgia, how she hoped that we would reconnect before too much time had passed and it was too late. I remember how strong of a sign that was for my heart.

That was the same day God told me, “I can do it”. He promised that He would take me back to Georgia where He would heal our family and bring me to Passion 2017. I remember the excitement and burst of faith I felt in my heart, I felt misty tears of joy in my eyes just thinking about these promises of breakthrough that seemed impossible to me but so possible for Him.

I wrote all of this down on January 13, 2016. I trusted and believed that He would stay true to His word.

Today, on January 13, 2017 I can confidently say that God is faithful, always.

Around this past Thanksgiving I still had yet to buy my ticket for Passion 2017 or commit to my church’s young adult group that was going for the first time together. I was nervous that the same let down and frustration from the past year would happen again. It would also be really expensive, the ticket, travel and hotel costs added up quite a bit.

But I remembered God’s promise to me at the beginning of the year, so I decided to give it to Him. I saw that Passion was giving away scholarships for the conference and so I applied for one. I told God, “If you give me this scholarship, then I’ll go to Passion.”

That same night I had talked to my mom about how I wanted to go to Georgia. There were some tears and I remember pushing harder on the subject than I ever had before.

A few days later, God gave me the scholarship and I committed to my church’s group that night. It was so much easier than the year before, which was just confirmation that He wanted me there. With Him, it’s easy.

That weekend at church we focused on thankfulness and praising God for the breakthroughs He did over the past year. The speaker (shout out to Ben Moreno!) said, “And if He hasn’t given you the breakthrough you asked for, then praise Him in advance because it is coming.”

My main breakthrough for that year was Georgia, I remember having to force myself to give thanks to Him for breaking through the wounds of Georgia and healing them even though it hadn’t happened. I also remember thinking that it was an impossible thing to pray.

That same night at dinner, God answered my prayer. At the end of the meal, my dad said to our family, “So, your mom and I have been talking and we are thinking about going to Georgia over Christmas break.”

WHAT. You have to understand that for the past five years any mention of Georgia would start a fight and just cause more hurt. The fact that all five of us were sitting at the table just talking about it was a breakthrough.  But talking about actually going to visit? His timing is amazing and funny and crazy and just one more example of how awesome He is.

For the next month or so we talked and prayed about it as a family, a couple of weeks into December we decided it wasn’t a good decision and that we wouldn’t go because tensions were still just too high. I was pretty bummed about that but trusted that whatever happened was meant to happen.

On December 22nd that decision changed all because my mom said, “If y’all really want to go, then I will go.” At first, I didn’t really believe the truth in that statement but the next morning my parents opened the conversation back up for a Georgia trip. They planned it out so we would leave the next morning and get there on Christmas Eve.

Everyone was on board except for me, honestly. Isn’t that funny? For the entire year all I had hoped for was this moment and now that it was here, I was too clouded by my own feelings to see it. It was a mix of not wanting to be let down and not wanting to spend Christmas away from home. But eventually my family got me on board too and we all decided it’s what we wanted to do. We started getting ready to go to Georgia that day.

My dad called a guy who was renting a house where we wanted to stay, the people who were supposed to stay there had dropped it the day before and the owner generously knocked the price down by $700 to stay in the house for a week. Total God thing- with Him, it’s easy.

The next morning we woke up really early to drive all day from Dallas, Texas to Dallas, Georgia. We left around 9 AM and got to our “temporary home” at 12 AM on Christmas Eve, it was a crazy day. Once we got there though every moment was just wonderful because I could feel God’s protection every step of the way.

I had one of the greatest, coziest Christmases I’ve ever had. From getting to go four-wheeling in the woods with my cousins to seeing family members who I genuinely never thought I would see again, it was such a special time. I’m very thankful that God made a way for us to reunite with them. It was also amazing to be back where my dad grew up, to be in the places he talks about from his childhood and all of the funny stories from his time in Georgia.

The entire trip was filled with “I never want to leave this moment” feelings, both the greatest and the most bittersweet of all. It was hard saying “hello” and “goodbye” to my sweet relatives so quickly, but God also gave me a peace about all of it.

I just felt so content and full the entire trip, even when we had difficult or stressful moments, because I really could feel God with us the entire time. He redeemed every small fight and frustrating moment by healing wounds in a big way and bringing His peace to every circumstance, it was a beautiful thing to be apart of.

The feeling of an answered prayer is the greatest, most comforting feeling I have ever experienced. It was indescribable, it goes deeper into my soul than words ever could.

We stayed in Georgia from December 24 through January 2 (which was my dad’s 50th birthday!), after we celebrated my dad- the greatest dad EVER- my family dropped me off at the hotel with my church group who I went to Passion with. My family loaded up the car and headed back home but I stayed in Atlanta for a couple more days to go to the conference.

Honestly, if I had gone home with my family I would have been content and so filled up with all of the amazing things God had just blessed us with. But, God isn’t just a “filled up” kind of Father, He is a “filled-up-and-overflowing” kind of Father who is in the business of giving back-to-back blessings to His children, even when they don’t deserve it (which is every single moment of every single day). To say that Passion 2017 was one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me is an understatement.

All of my years of watching and waiting to experience Passion couldn’t have been prepared for what God did in The Dome. It exceeded my expectations and awakened my heart in ways I’ve never dreamed of before. There is something so powerful about worshiping God with reckless abandon with 55,000 other college students, I felt like I stepped into a slice of Heaven on Earth and it left me speechless (which, if you know me, is a really big deal…).

The speakers were incredible, the worship was electric, the community groups were encouraging- but above all, God was there & He moved in a mighty way.

I think the reason this encounter with God was so refreshing and powerful in my spirit was because of what He had just finished doing in my life through our trip to Georgia. It kind of reminds me of when Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead after four days in John 11, He waited until the odds were impossible to show people the power of God and bring ultimate glory to Him.

In a way, God raised parts of my family and my heart from the dead- He did the unthinkable to prove to me how good, powerful and faithful He is. He left no room in my heart for doubt, even when the enemy tried to attack me with it.

He performed the biggest miracle and broke through the hardest wall in my life to bring glory to His name & belief into my heart.

I left Georgia completely in awe of God. He has opened my eyes to a whole new level with Him and I am very thankful. I have caught the fire for Him and my prayer is that it never burns out, no matter how big or small the flame gets. My life is still a big mess and I get it wrong more than I get it right, but knowing that I walk in His authority brings hope to every single situation the world throws at me.

I’m sharing this story of His faithfulness to remind you that He is there, He is moving and He hears your breakthrough prayer too. I don’t know what you are going through but I do know that you aren’t going through it alone- He is with you & nothing is too impossible for Him. God is a good Father who loves us. He cares about what you care about and He is faithful when He gives you a promise.

For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God. -2 Corinthians 1:20



Hi, friends! Happy New Year!!!

What a year it has been! So many amazing, difficult, wonderful, frustrating and beautiful things have happened over the past 365 days in my life and in our world- and I’m very grateful I got to experience some of them.

Before I dive into these moments, I just want to say that I know this hasn’t been the greatest year for everybody and many people are excited to see the end of 2016… BUT I am so thankful that God gave us this year and the hard moments because I believe we wouldn’t be who we are without them.

God is still King in the difficult, dark places of this world and He is still sitting on the throne when we feel like He has left us- He is in control over every single circumstance in our life and He is working to make every moment reflect and glorify His Kingdom!

So, yes…it’s been an interesting year but I believe that there have been just as many, if not more, blessings and good moments as there have been bad moments. And at the end of the day, God is still good and He has a purpose for each of our lives!

At the beginning of the year I wrote a post called A Year Full of Revival and it was about God’s promise for this year. Every year God gives me a word as a symbol for what is to come, in 2015 it was “light” and in 2016 it was “revival”.

I remember when I listened to my pastor give the first sermon of the year on God’s word for our church, the word was breakthrough. I felt like God was confirming my word, revival by giving our church this word. In my heart, those two actions go hand-in-hand and this confirmation gave me the faith to believe that God would fulfill His promise of revival.

As I already said, this year was beautiful and difficult in more ways than one. Of course, it was an amazing year for many reasons, here are some of the highlights…

My family and I got Rocky, our sweet blessing of a puppy after praying that God would provide the right dog for our family.

I turned 19 years old and got to go to New York City for the first time with my dad to celebrate (we saw The Lion King on Broadway and it was magical!).

I finished my freshman year of college and my last semester at NCTC in May and began my sophomore year of college and first semester at UNT in August.

I’ve made so many amazing new friends and have had the blessing of reconnecting with family.

I got to be a leader at my church’s summer youth camp, HUB Camp, for the first time and had an absolute blast!

I had the privilege of voting in my first presidential election.

And I got to go to Europe for the first time and travel through Greece and Italy with my sister!*

But, 2016 has also been a really difficult year too…

I’ve had ongoing health issues throughout the year that have made me feel constantly tired, sick and weak.

I’ve felt alone, unnoticed and hurt at times.

I watched my 18-year-old cousin battle against (and BEAT! Praise God!) the evils of cancer.

I’ve struggled with temptations and fleshly sins.

I have painfully watched people I love numb themselves with the world.

And I’ve had moments of crippling doubt and fear that have left me feeling completely in the dark.

If I’m being honest, there have been more moments of hopelessness and frustration than there have been of faith and thankfulness for God. And as I look back on this blessing of a year, I can see how unintentionally self-focused I was when I thought I was striving to be focused on Him.

Thankfully, God still works and moves in and through us whether we are focused on Him or not but I just realized how much sweeter the hard moments would have been if I had been looking to Him instead of looking for a way to fix the situation myself.

This year God did revive my heart, my life and my family.

He has slowly begun to knock down the ungodly beliefs that have tried to take root in my heart and has replaced them with His permanent promises of love, freedom and grace.

He has opened my eyes to the Godly relationships He has placed in my life so naturally that I didn’t even realize they were there. He has revived my perspective to see His beauty and “Only God” moments instead of getting stuck in my everyday routine.

He has been faithful with a seemingly impossible promise that He gave me at the beginning of the year. He told me that my family would go to Georgia (where my dad’s family is) and reconcile relationships, something that I believed He would do one day but never thought He would make happen this year. He also said that I would go to Passion 2017 in Georgia.

All I can say is, God is faithful because I am writing this post from Georgia right now and have had the blessing of reconnecting with family members who I didn’t think I would ever see again. I’m also going to Passion 2017 in two days to experience God’s awesomeness with thousands of college students from around the world.

God is faithful, even when we are not. Thank goodness! And He has made this year better than any resolution I could have created or attempted to actually follow through with.

He is the Great Reviver and His word is true.

My prayer for all of us this year is to focus on the promises He thoughtfully gave us in the greatest love letter of all, the Bible. He already knows every joyful moment, heartbreak and breakthrough that this year holds for our lives.

I pray that we will focus our attention from what could happen this year, to the One who has already made and will make all things happen for His good.

Sending lots of love, joy and peace to everyone this New Year’s Eve and am believing that He will do great things in and through each of us in 2017 and beyond!

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” -Romans 8:28

These are a few pictures that highlight my year through a lens of travel, fun & spending time with loved ones
*A blog post about my AMAZING trip to Europe will be coming soon, I would like to say I’ve started to write it or have been working on it but the truth is I haven’t. But I want to write it and tell you all about it, so be on the lookout…





Heavenly Expectation

Heavenly Expectation

  1. a fake disease I made up to describe my crippling desire for things to be exactly the way I expect and want them to be.

I have a bad case of “expectationitis” and I get it really bad during the holidays because I LOVE traditions and the holidays are full of them.

Every year, around Christmastime I have to intentionally pray that God will give me the patience and open mind to experience His season the way He wants me to, instead of the way I want me to. And, if I’m being really honest it’s hard…and most times, I end up trying to control things. I don’t want to, but it still happens.

I’m convinced this is how the enemy gets me, he makes me feel like everything has to feel and happen a certain way- when in reality everything that will happen has already been orchestrated by God to happen that way and is usually unexpected.

God’s plans are always greater than my expectations. It’s a truth we all know, but “expectationitis” can still sneak up. This Christmas was no exception, but I really do believe God taught me a valuable lesson during this holiday season that He will use to shape me throughout the rest of the year- because this is something I really struggle with year round.

As I have gotten older, God has started to open my eyes to why He placed the feeling of expectation in our hearts during this time of year in the first place. It isn’t so that we can eagerly expect to hang certain ornaments with certain people on a certain day or watch that one movie we love to watch on Christmas Eve.

The feelings of expectation are not for what and how we celebrate, they are for Who and why we celebrate- Jesus.

I always have to remind myself that we may know the ending of Jesus’ birth story, but the people who lived in the story didn’t have this same knowledge. They were desperately waiting in expectation for the Prince of Peace to be born and save them from themselves. I can only imagine the joy they experienced when they heard the Savior was born and their promised hope had come.

Even though I already know this part of His story, I still desire to have that same expectation for Him every year.

My prayer for all of us is to not let the enemy get us hung up on our own fleeting expectations, but instead for God to guide us into Heavenly expectation and adoration for Him on December 25th and every day after.

Our reason for expectation isn’t always easy to remember during the chaos of our everyday lives but it is always true- whether we choose to realize it or not- because He is always constant.

“I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed, but will have sufficient courage so that now as always Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or death.” -Philippians 1:20

Photography by Ashley Linch

Go With The Flow 

Go With The Flow 

Instead of fighting the waves,

 relax in this place of grace

 where you meet with Me face to face.

God whispered this little saying over my heart and mind a few months ago. Ever since then, He has been using it to remind me that no matter how big the waves of life get, He is in control. 

If you know me personally, then you are probably aware that I have some control issues. They flare up when I become too comfortable with my ideas and get focused on what I think is best. The deeper I’ve gotten into my relationship with God, the more aware I’ve become about how much I struggle with this. I especially see it in the way I communicate with the people I love most- my family, especially my siblings. Being their big sister, all I truly want is the best for them (or, what I think is the best) and because of this I find myself selfishly pushing too hard in areas of their lives that aren’t my place to push. 

God has really worked through my natural, ungodly belief to be in control throughout the past few years. He has slowly revealed to me that feeling responsible for “saving” the people I care about through my own strength is a lie the enemy has placed inside of my head.

I had a friend who put it this way: “If you fight the waves, you get tired and feel like you’re drowning…but when you let go and just float then it’s natural, peaceful and refreshing. The more water you push out of your way, the more it will come back and move. The water is always there, we just choose how we move and react.”

Sometimes, I get so focused on trying to save myself or others that I forget the One who has already saved us and end up creating more harm and chaos. But I hear God calling me to go with His flow and let Him create the rhythm of the waves. He is asking us to just trust Him, even when everything seems to be falling apart around us- which is a really challenging concept for me to grasp. The world tells us to fight harder, but God just wants us to relax with Him. And the funny thing is when we really do trust Him, He opens our eyes to how much easier it is to just let go & rest in Him instead of trying to stay afloat on our own.

The waves of life will come regardless- fighting the world is tiring, surrendering to Him is lifesaving. 

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” -Matthew‬ ‭11:28‬

Beauty In The Refining

Beauty In The Refining

Hey there. Well, it’s been quite awhile since I wrote a blog post on here. And, I really wish that wasn’t the case because I’m most happy when I’m writing- but life happens & these past few months have been iNsAnE for lots of different reasons. But I’m here now & thankfully, just like Jesus, this blog isn’t going anywhere (even if I do stray a little). So this is me attempting to bottle all of the craziness that’s been going on in my heart & head over these past eight months…this will be an adventure! Also, thank you for taking the time to read these words I’m writing- it means so much to me.

Lately, my heart has felt like a rubber band ball- a really tight, randomly put together & crazily colored rubber band ball of chaos. 

So much has happened since I last blogged. I finished my first two years of college at NCTC in one year, went to New York City & Europe for the first time this summer, was a seventh-grade girls leader at my church camp & so much more. But I also have lost close friends, gone through frustrations about my Hashimoto’s disease & have struggled with my faith in multiple different ways. 

I feel like I’m always using the word “season” to explain the place of life I’m in, but I really feel like it hasn’t just been a season. It feels longer than that, it’s almost like I’ve given into “just surviving”.

And I really, really hate being in that place. I just don’t enjoy feeling like a rubber band ball, being carelessly bounced around by Satan, because it’s overwhelming & chaotic & not who I was made to be. But sometimes I get too caught up in life & creating the rubber band ball that I forget who I let hold it…and I don’t realize how bad things are until my monstrosity of rubber bands is big enough for the Guinness Book of World Records.

But no matter how out of control life can get, I know that God is just waiting for me to ask Him to unravel all of the “rubber bands” & reveal His beauty underneath the insanity. The thing is, that’s actually a really scary process that I didn’t even realize I needed to go through until recently. Life just slowly handed me rubber bands- school, temptations, doubt, broken relationships & deep wounds- until it became too much for me to handle. And when each one is removed, it’s painful. Over the past couple of weeks, God has opened the doors for some of my rubber bands to be taken off & replaced with His freedom. I can feel Him refining me & molding me into who He has created me to be- instead of who the rubber bands of life want me to be. 
I’m not exactly sure who He is forming me into or for what purpose but I know that He’s creating a masterpiece of His goodness, grace & love- something so much better than a rubber band ball. 

Even though I’m still in this difficult season of life & have more “rubber bands” to take care of, I am holding onto the promise that I’m being pressed on and stretched to be turned into someone beautiful for His Kingdom.
And I want to remind you that He’s working on you too. Whether your “rubber band ball” is big or small, we all have one. God wants you to know He is shaping you into the masterpiece He designed you to become for the unique Kingdom Mission He has called you to accept. 

Before I had this revelation, I had run dry in my faith (which is partly why I haven’t written in awhile- that & I’ve been either too busy or too lazy…let’s keep it real). But I realized that is exactly why God gave me a passion for writing- to authentically process & encourage seasons like these. Whether we’re just surviving or thriving, God placed us in this exact moment for a reason- He is with us & He is always giving us a word to share (even if it’s a weird metaphor about being a rubber band ball). 
Giving into the craziness of life is easy, letting Him unravel us into His own unique creation is harder. But no matter what, throughout the highest of highs & lowest of lows: when God is in control, there is beauty in the refining.

“Friends, when life gets really difficult, don’t jump to the conclusion that God isn’t on the job. Instead, be glad that you are in the very thick of what Christ experienced. This is a spiritual refining process, with glory just around the corner.”‭‭.                        – 1 Peter‬ ‭4:12-13‬ 

A Year Full of Revival

A Year Full of Revival

re·vive (rəˈvīv/ verb)- to restore to life or consciousness; regain life, consciousness, or strength; give new strength or energy to.

This is the word God has given me for this fresh, new year: revival. What a sweet promise from the One who holds my heart in His hands. 

For something to be brought back to life, it must not be living in the first place. I guess, I can’t say all of my heart is in need of revival because there are certainly pieces of it that are pumping along just fine. But our hearts are not meant to desperately survive in separate pieces. God created our hearts to beat in a unified rhythm only He can orchestrate. So lately I’ve been alive but I haven’t been fully living and, if you ask me, that’s worse than death.

Revival. It’s the nights when the enemy attacks hardest that I cling to this promise the most. The darkness is scared of the light. I know in my heart that if satan is threatened this badly then that means God has bold & mighty revival in store for the days to come. 

The roars of the enemy are nothing compared to the whispers of my King.

As I have become awakened to His whisper during the first month of this new year, God has told me this is a word for all His children & I believe Him. We are being brought back to life, I can feel it.

In this very moment God is reviving relationships, hearts, circumstances- He is reviving you & me. He is bringing hope to that dark situation that seems hopeless. He is releasing breakthrough to that person, prayer and pain that seems unbreakable. 

Nothing is impossible for God- this is the Heavenly promise we must hold on to as His sons & daughters. 

I am believing that God will shatter the walls that the enemy has attempted to build up within my home, my loved ones & myself. I am proclaiming in faith that God- our ultimate Healer, Protecter & Father- is going to burst through every hurt, pain, demon & fear that the world is trying to use against us.

The world will try to convince you that the resolutions & goals you made at the beginning of the year are what’s most important to remember & pursue. But as those fleshly goals begin to fade into memories, God’s Heavenly promise of revival remains constant & true. 

I am so thankful that my Father never breaks a pinky promise.

Revival will come.

Revival is coming.

Revival is here. 

“Your promise revives me; it comforts me in all my troubles.”                            -‭‭Psalms‬ ‭119:50‬



Hi, everyone! Happy New Year!!!
I can’t believe 2015 is coming to a close. It feels like just yesterday I was setting my New Year’s resolutions & writing about all the wonderful things God had in store for 2015 (all of them true & even better than I could have imagined!). 

At the beginning of the year I wrote a blog post about 2015 titled “A Year Full of Light” because God had told me that is what this year would be. I remember the night He gave me the word “light”- I was watching the flame of a single candle dance & flicker in a dark room, every time I thought it would go out it never did. The flame would change but the light would never leave it- that’s the moment He told me. 

As long as I am a burning flame for God, my life will never lose its light. 

Now, I will be honest, this past month has worn my flame out quite a bit & has made it difficult to see the light. But that’s why I’m so thankful for this blog, which serves as a reminder of how faithful God has been during these past 365 days. I’ve had this little blog for about a year now (which also seems crazy to me!) & it’s been so wonderful to look back at my writing & see how God has truly illuminated my life & all of 2015 with His goodness.

I was able to “look back” at this year in a special way, thanks to a truly wonderful surprise I received from WordPress-they essentially wrapped up everything “Curly Hair & Cheerful Heart” did by summarizing all of my moments from the past year! I thought this would be the perfect “last post” of 2015 because I want to share this special part of my world with you- my friends, family & fellow blogger buddies- who continue to read the words I write & encourage me to follow this passion of mine. There wouldn’t be a “summary” to look at without all of the support from those around me (both physically & virtually!).

You guys continue to remind me how blessed I am & how GOOD God is! I am so looking forward to the new days ahead & all of the crazy amazing things He is going to do in our world & each of our lives! 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting my tiny corner of the blogosphere & for making this year one full of so much light & love. I hope you have a very Happy New Year & can’t wait to see you on the other side!


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Each of these photos is a cover photo from a blog post I wrote in 2015